RAAlbertArts Short Stories

BOOMER TIMES PRESENTS: Robert A. Albert, December 2015 Publisher’s Choicebook

On July 7th, 2014 my wife experienced a long overdue total knee replacement. We found that overworked medical professionals were much too busy to respond expeditiously to her needs as she fought off the pain and effects of drugs prescribed to reduce that pain. My job, during this time, was taking care of her in any way I could. I am retired, so most of the time I sat nearby, dosing off now and then. I stayed with her, almost 24 by 7, in the hospital, rehab center and eventually at home. I needed something to do when I was awake and she was asleep. Through my entire life I have written short stories. Some chronicled my adventures. Some were fiction based on my imagination’s wandering ways. I had never published any of them. I thought of this while watching her sleep and listening to her gentle breathing. I began writing again. To the new stories I wrote during those two months, I added many older unpublished stories. The collection, old and new, I’ve published in this book. They are like friends old and new that I can share with all of you. A couple of the stories resulted from my solitaire playing of the game, “Once Upon A Time”, the story telling card game, by Atlas Games. Some are romances. Some are science fiction. Some are poems. Many of the stories, even though they stand on their own, could be the start of novels. The “Contest”, for example, is just the beginning.

Albert, Robert (2015-02-26). Short Stories (Kindle Locations 51-62). . Kindle Edition.

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